Hear what others have said about Hlava Industrial Welding, Inc.

“Best in the business at what he does, customized welding”…”I’m the only testing and consulting firm within 200 miles and if I get into a real problem about exotic metals or some equipment that has to be custom built (Jerry’s) the first person I call”…”He has that kind of attitude, if you tell him it can’t be done he’s going to prove to you that it can.”…”He’s built equipment and come up with processes that other big companies have said can’t be done.”

– James Greves, president of American Welding Services

“When I have things that are run of the mill, we do some welding internally. When it comes to something critical that must be done in a certain manner, these are the people that I seek out.”

– Harold Knaack, Arnolds Corporation

“Combined with their vast experience and commitment to perfection, it is no wonder manufacturers the world over trust HIW with their specialized welding needs.”

– Linda Kleczkowski, Business Profile

“We have used approximately 10,000 welded intake and exhaust valves from Hlava Industrial Welding, and we have not had a failure yet.”…”We recommend them highly.”

– Harold Goff, Cummins Ohio, Inc.

“The welding performed by Hlava crews is visually superior to the welding by the original fabricator of the steel trusses and that of the welding crews who worked on site during the construction of the building.”

– James H. Kogen, Shure Brothers, Inc.

“You (HIW) have provided creative, reliable solutions to resolving our unusual manufacturing problems.”

– Richard D. Ferguson, Taylor Company

“Welding is a very specialized field, not only as it relates to proper metals, welding materials and proper welding equipment, but also as it relates to proper field application. In my 30 years of construction experience, Hlava knows more about welding procedures and application than any individual or company I have associated with.”

“I would recommend, without reservation, Mr. Hlava and Mr. Joe Green to anyone who has a difficult welding problem or welding task that needs to be resolved.”

– J.R. Rotunno, Chairman, W.E. O’Neil Construction Company

“With the assistance of H.I.W. Inc. our corporation has been able to develop the technology required for repairs of tools, repairs of tool forms, punches, knives for sheet scissors. They have also been instrumental in the development of our new Plasma Welding source in Czech Republic which will be available for our customers in the Eastern and Western Europe.”

– Zdenek Novak, Kavon v.o.s.

“As an international supplier of cobalt based welding materials, I am often asked to recommend a high quality overlay job shop to prospective customers. I have recommended Hlava Industrial Welding for many years as my quality choice in the Midwest. Hlava’s 30+ years of Stellite® overlay experience justify my confidence in you and your fine company.”

“My customers have spoken to me regarding their satisfaction with your company. They mention “quality of work, competitive pricing and on time delivery” as reasons they remain loyal to you. As long as you continue to satisfy my customers, I will continue to recommend your services.”

– Patrick Kelley, Sales Representative, Mitsubishi

“Circle Boring & Machine Company utilizes Hlava Industrial Welding for a wide range of welding services. A job shop such as ours requires many types of welding capabilities. Hlava does our specialty and repair welding on a wide range of tool steels, stainless steels, aluminum, cast steel and cast iron.”

“The quality of work we receive from Hlava has always been excellent. The prompt service we get from Hlava allows us make a quick turnaround on breakdown repair work for our customers. This is also a tremendous benefit for our own internal repair work.”

“We tackle some very difficult precision machining projects here at Circle Boring. Our jobs range in size from a few ounces up to 20 tons. The innovative approach and the expertise Hlava uses to solve occasional “impossible” welding tasks helps us provide a wide and unique range of services to our customers.”

– Kurt Ekberg, V.P. Mfg., Circle Boring & Machine Co., Inc., Rockford, Illinois