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About Us

Hlava Industrial Welding has a long history steeped in a tradition of innovation and reliability. HIW was founded by Jerry Hlava in 1969 and has been a progressive organization since the very start. From developing wear resistant plate for heavy equipment to providing turnkey welding processes for food service equipment suppliers, HIW has always found new cost saving process to increase customer profitability. The 15,000 square foot facility and certified welders supply reliable high quality services to our customers.

In recent years Hlava teamed up with a Quality Professional from Honeywell, Joe Green. Mr. Green comes to the organization with experience in Quality management, drive train fabrication, farm equipment testing, and service management to major equipment manufactures. Knowledge through experience and trainings include ISO/QS, Malcolm Baldrige site visits and Lincoln Foundation Examiner. In addition he has run a small welding facility and has been involved in welding and fusion for many years.

In January of 2005 a decision was made to transition management of the organization to Mr. Green and utilize Mr. Hlava’s vast knowledge through an exclusive consulting agreement. This move has proved to be a strategic advantage in the service we supply to our customers. The depth of knowledge of 36 years of experience has been strengthened with a professional quality background and history in other manufacturing fields. HIW’s AWS certified staff has remained the same and the organization looks forward to serving all your welding, fusion, brazing and manufacturing needs.